Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I have lots of pictures to share from the past week or so and I swear I will actually sit down and do it. Soon. But for now, here are a few cute Norah-isms.

This morning we were having breakfast and she had a bunch of blueberries on her plate. She picked out a big one and said, 'dis the mama' and then picked up a little one and said 'dis the baby.' Then she said, 'I eat the mama,' popped it in her mouth and laughed hysterically.

The people across the street have teenagers and every once in a while their house gets toilet papered (who knew kids even did that anymore???). Norah has been very confused by the paper in the trees and so tonight I asked her if toilet paper was supposed to be in trees. She said, 'no, in potty to wipe my butt!'

Aunt Amy was just in town for a long weekend and this morning Norah was very sad that she wasn't here. She told me 'I miss Aunt Amo sooooo much.' Then she started to fake cry and said, 'me so sad. Me need to watch Handy Manny.' The kid is good.

She has gone to time out several times in the past couple of days for hitting. It isn't anything major and she is just playing around, but we have a zero tolerance policy for hitting and we take it very seriously. The latest infringement was when she tried to 'fix' me and whacked me in the eye with her rubber hammer. I think she finally gets it because her baby doll has gone to time out about 37 times today for 'hitting' Norah. I watched her at one point pick baby up, make baby's arm whack her head, say, 'now baby go to time out!' walk over and put baby in time out, then a few seconds go get her and say, 'now tell Norah what you did and you be sorry.' Then she gives baby a hug and they go on their way. Until it happens again 5 minutes later.

Her latest favorite food is pickles. But she pronounces it 'peekles.' I let her have them just so she'll say it.

There are a million more. We keep thinking she can't get any cuter, but man. She does.


Maryellen said...

I love Norahisms! I think you could make a column out of them.

k-dog studios said...

what a hoot!

Jennifer said...

Goodness gracious, that kid is so charming and adorable! Ava is doing a lot of hitting too. Mostly to me. Ms. Alice: "She never does that to me!" sigh.