Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flu Shot

Everyone in the GVZ family got a seasonal flu shot this morning. We were a little worried how Norah would react, but there was a pile of lollipops on the table and so she didn't even notice the needle. BVZ said we owed it to her to let her at least try the sucker. She got a few licks in before it mysteriously disappeared into my purse.

Norah and Ruby

I love this picture. Norah is either thinking, 'I love Ruby so much I am going to hold her foot,' or 'I am about to yank Ruby off of this chair I want to sit in by myself. I hope no one is watching.'

Play Room

We recently converted the sun room into Norah's play room. It is awesome because it has a door straight into the backyard so she can spend a lot of time going in and out. It is not so awesome because it is really hot back there and we're having a terrible heat wave yet again (global warming you are KILLING me). Pictures aren't great because I used my phone, but you get the general idea.

Football Fan

We don't let Norah watch television. It isn't because I have anything against television--I LOVE television. Love it in a way I love few other things in this world. But, the brains of little babies can't really process the images they see on the screen--no matter what the content, it flashes too fast for them. She didn't watch anything until she was one, but every now every once in a while she enjoys a few minutes of Sesame Street (loves Cookie Monster something fierce). She also gets to watch a bit of the 49'ers on Sundays when BVZ is hanging out with her. Today she got to eat lunch during the game. Watch the progression of both of their faces through the three pictures. There was a touch down and lots of yelling by the third one.

A Real Person

Norah insists upon wearing her sunglasses when she's outside. INSISTS on it. I just figured she was being cute and silly. It wasn't until we forgot them on a walk one day that I realized she wants them because SHE DOESN'T LIKE IT WHEN THE SUN GETS IN HER EYES. I forget sometimes that she's a real live person and not just a big bowl of adorable.

Monday, September 21, 2009


We sort of dropped the ball with teaching Norah baby signs. We did 'milk', 'food', 'more', and 'all done' for a while, but pretty soon it became abundantly clear that the only thing she had any intention of saying was 'all done' (not much of an eater or milk drinker, that girl). Imagine my surprise then, when out of nowhere tonight she started signing 'more' in regard to some butternut squash bites. It had been roasting in the oven and was cooling off when I gave her a piece and she went a little nuts for more. I didn't get the camera on her until she had already had about 15 pieces, so what you see is her slowing down a bit.

She's a smart one.

You Can't Have Cereal For Dinner

Indian Summer

We are in the middle of a heat wave. This better be the last one of the season because the heat is KILLING me. The other night we had dessert (watermelon) outside. This video isn't all that remarkable, but it does demonstrate 3 things Norah has been doing a lot of lately: 1) the zombie stare when she's tired; 2) big, giant, amazingly awesome hugs; and 3) taking things (especially food) out of bowls.

BVZ is going to be mad when he sees a video of himself in his running clothes. Good thing he never checks this blog.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Day at the Aquarium

Team GVZ spent an awesome Sunday at the California Academy of Arts and Sciences. We even became members (be nice to me--I can bring a guest). I have a whole bunch of pictures, but as I started to upload them I realized that this one says it all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Table and Chairs

Norah has taken over the entire house. Granted, it is a small house, but damn. She's got a lot of stuff. In an effort to get our living room back, I decided to convert the sun room to a play room. And any good play room has a kid-sized table and chairs.

I found a simple set at IKEA on the cheap. BVZ and I put it together one night and didn't kill each other.
Norah absolutely loves it, but I thought it was a little too plain for a girl with her kind of personality. Then I remembered that BabyKaboom made a plain table into something completely awesome with a coat of paint and some decals. I spent about 4 hours one night (thank you insomnia!) picking out the perfect decals and figured I would just pick up a can of paint at the hardware store up the street. But of course, the hardware store up the street only sells death paint from China. Fortunately there is this remarkable stuff called Milk Paint. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-odorous, and completely safe even if licked by a precocious 14-month old. Unfortunately, it made my on-the-cheap table not quite so cheap anymore. But, she won't grow a second head, and that's what is important--right?

So, check out the final product. I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Check out the bottom of the table legs. That would be the paper I layed down to protect the floor that is now permanently stuck. Any ideas how to get it off?

Morning Routine

For the past few mornings Norah has insisted upon wearing her sunglasses while we get ready for work. All bets are off as soon as she gets a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Something tells me the child won't lack much for self-esteem.

Check out her outfit. BVZ has been getting her dressed in the morning. I am trying to live by the mantra: if you want someone else to do it, you can't tell them how it's done. She's very cute, despite her blue winter pants and yellow summer shirt.


This morning Norah picked up the video camera*, turned it on, walked into the bathroom, and opened the shower curtain while BVZ was in there. You might feel bad for him, but then he calls his daughter 'Loretta.' Please note that Loretta is the cat's name.

*The best part about this is that I had no idea she had turned it on until this evening when I was sorting through all of the one minute videos she has taken this week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Story Time

Today BVZ and I took the wee one to story time at a local, independent, kids' bookstore. She LOVED it. She went around and hugged all the kids and then plopped herself down on one of the cushions to listen to the story. It was about princesses and dragons so they gave all the kids tiaras and crowns. I tried to get her a crown, but the story lady handed her a tiara before I could intervene. Oh well. The story was more for the pre-school crowd, but Norah was entranced for a good 10 minutes. Then she started licking the books on the shelf next to her so we left early.

(Pictures are of low quality because I took them with my phone. I had the camera, but BVZ refused to let me be 'that mom'. Whatever.)

This Is Why We Have No New Videos To Post

Every time I try and video Norah doing something cute, this happens. She's very dramatic.* Wonder where she gets that from.

*And loud. You need volume to get the full effect, but beware. It's loud.

Monday, September 07, 2009


We got this little booster seat to use in the backyard, take to the park, eat at restaurants, etc. Norah likes it so much she eats in it every day. Here she is checking it out for the first time.

(ETA: I just realized she wears this outfit a LOT. She really does have other clothes. I promise).

Greek Festival 2009

One of the best parts about where we live is the annual Greek festival at the Orthodox Church just up the street. The whole town turns out for the festivities. Check out the difference between our visit last year and this year:

Riding in the stroller...

Hanging out with Dad (okay, the first picture isn't from the festival, but it was taken the same day. Norah doesn't even look like a person--just a rag doll!) He's even wearing the same hat!

Hanging out with Mom....

How she spent her time (sleeping versus dancing)...

Here is the lamb roasting on the spit. Now, I am a firm believer in if you are going to eat it, you should be able to see how it has to die. And that would be why I passed on my beloved gyro this year.

All Norah wanted to do was dance.

Oh, and push her stroller around. The child is obsessed.

Eating mounds of fried dough dipped in honey and nuts. Guess she's not allergic to either (whew!)

She loved all the kids who performed traditional Greek dances.

It's a good time and a tradition we look forward to keeping.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


I can't find our $3 little thingamijiggy that lets me transfer photos from the camera to the computer (the regular USB cord stopped working ages ago). I have looked everywhere. Literally. BVZ looked under the couch cushions and then announced 'I have looked everywhere!' I suppose we'll have to get another.