Sunday, August 29, 2010

When Mom's Away...

This Saturday was Grandma Flossie's services, so I made a (very) quick trip to El Paso. I was only gone from Friday morning to late Saturday night, but it's actually the longest I have ever been away from Norah and certainly was the farthest. BVZ was on deck for Norah duty and I am happy to report that she seems fed and uninjured. Thankfully he was empathetic to how much I was missing her and sent me plenty of picture of their adventures.

This one was actually from Megan (Norah spent the day with Ruby and Pam until BVZ got off of work). Ruby was very helpful and put Norah's shoes on for her.

Friday pizza and movie night (they watched Finding Nemo).

After dinner walk around the block.

Saturday hike around the reservoir.

Pit stop at the library.

Lots of time at the park.

I figured she would have missed me as much as I did her and so when I got home (at like 11:30 pm), I sneaked* into her room and covered her face in kisses. She opened one eye and said, 'Stop, Mom. Me sleeping.'

*Uncle Kiki, don't correct my grammar-either sneaked or snuck is proper usage.


Kristin said...

Ha! When are you going to make me a t-shirt that says, "Grammar Police"? I love that you checked. And that you hyperlinked.

aileen said...

Looks like BVZ and N had a great time. I say we start planning a MWA (Mom's Weekend Away) to a spa!