Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cleaner

Norah is awesome at cleaning up her toys. You don't even have to ask her, she just does it. Most of the time she doesn't even want any help. I give Pam and Bubby full credit for instilling this excellent habit.

And just in case you were thinking about coming to kidnap my perfect child for yourself, while she may be excellent at housework I also have a sneaking suspicion that she might be a bit of a sociopath. This is evidenced by the fact that last week she SHOVED one of her very best BFF's Ruby off of a slide. Shoved her right off. Norah and Ruby had been bickering over the slide in Ava's back yard for a bit (Ruby would want to slide down and Norah wouldn't move, so Ruby came down and nailed her in the stomach-they both cracked up; they kept trying to block each others' effort to climb the stairs, etc.) and it all seemed to be in good fun until I looked over and saw them both at the top. And then Norah shoved Ruby who fell flat on her back. Slow. Motion. You have never seen 4 moms move so fast in your entire life. Ruby got the wind knocked out of her and was pretty freaked out. I was traumatized. Norah wasn't phased in the slightest. She happily sat in time out (for like 10 minutes) and didn't seem to understand what the big deal was all about. It finally registered with her that night when family movie night got canceled and we talked ad nauseam about what she did and how sad she made everyone. Every day since the 'incident' without prompting she tells me 'it is not okay to push Ruby OR ANYONE ELSE off the slide. It makes Mom sad. Please us watch Nemo.' I hope she gets it. And that Ruby doesn't break up with her.


Maryellen said...

Ah Norah. I love her feistiness. In college I babysat for a four year old and if she was being a little naughty I would use that, "You're making me sad" line. She would be really sweet and stop doing whatever she was doing.

One night I was sitting on her mom's bed talking to Jen on the phone (not for very long). Rianna was jumping on the bed and I asked her to stop. She wouldn't so I used the line. In a little devil voice she said, "I want to make you sad." Jen heard it. She laughed at me.

on the verge said...

What a little punk! Next time I'm in a mosh-pit Monsters of Rock style, I'm taking Norah with me.