Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Man, our neighborhood goes off on Halloween! We thought we were doing good by carving some pumpkins, but most houses had full on graveyards set up in the front yard and tons of awesome decorations. We will do better next year. The trick or treaters were in full force and we probably handed out over 400 pieces of candy. We did have some popular pumpkins and got lots of compliments on the kitty one from 3 year olds.
This is my creation, 'Pumpkin Loretta':

And this is BVZ's creation, "Pumpkin Avon Barksdale' (he wanted a scary pumpkin so he named it after his favorite drug dealer on his favorite show, The Wire).

A Mouse Near the House!

Loretta is an inside only cat. This really pisses her off because the next door neighbor cat, Chase, is an outdoor cat and he routinely taunts her from the other side of the sun room. We think he might be sweet on her because last week outside the sun room door we found a dead mouse. Well, parts of a dead mouse. To be exact, a mouse head and a mouse tail. But no mouse middle. We suspect that Chase brought it as a gift for Loretta. Or a mouse butchering serial killer is stalking the neighborhood. It is hard to see from here, but this is Loretta checking out her present:

and BVZ disposing of the carnage:

Bridge School Benefit 2007

We attended the annual Bridge School Benefit concert the last weekend in October. It was a great show and headlined Tom Waits, BVZ's long time favorite song writer. My boyfriend Eddie Vedder had to cancel at the last minute, but I consoled myself with the fact that neither Dave Matthews nor his band were anywhere in sight. BVZ insisted upon wearing a totally offensive t-shirt (which I believe read 'Hey Virgins, Thanks for Nothing' over my stern objections). He got the serious stink eye from the beer lady. Serves him right.