Friday, August 13, 2010

Day At The Beach

I am so behind in posts. I blame work and my general inability to function after about 7:00 pm these days. When Bubby was still here Aunt Amy came up for a quick weekend. Aunt Amy's favorite place in the whole world is the beach so we try to go to Half Moon Bay at least once every time she's here. It was delightfully overcast, but there was no wind, so it was actually warmer than I have ever seen it.

Too bad no one likes Norah at all.

Aunt Amy's baby belly is growing more awesome by the day. Norah was mildly obsessed with it and wanted to talk to the baby all of the time. It was her first request upon waking in the morning and the last request she had at night. Amy convinced her if she looked in the belly button hard enough she would be able to see the baby.

I call this picture, "looking for my cousin."

We ate yogurt covered pretzels and mango slices and took a long walk though the sand.

The tide was unpredictable and the waves inconsistent. Right after this picture was taken Norah got down to put her feet in the water and we both got drenched by a giant wave. Bubby had excellent reflexes and grabbed her by the hood (scared the crap out of her, but it was much better than what the alternative would have been).

We had lunch at our usual place, Sam's. This sea captain became Norah's new BFF while we waited for a table.

She wasn't interested in her mac and cheese, but couldn't get enough of Bubby's spicy mahi mahi. I think next time I am going to order her an oyster shooter.

Fun times, as always. You may need a wet suit to get in the water, but there is no other place that's more relaxing or enjoyable.


Team Eliza said...

I love the picture of Norah staring at Amy's belly - truly precious.

Maryellen said...

Aw, how fun.

meganastone said...

Norah's rolled up jeans are so, so cute!