Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Handful

BVZ drives Norah to Ruby's house in the morning. Lately she's been giving him a hard time and refusing to get in her car seat. She wants to sit in the front. (I admit, it is time to turn her to forward facing...) Anyway, I leave before they do and so he always sends me a text or email to let me know that she got there safely. Here is the email I got today:

Subject line: Your daughter...

...was giving her dad the business this morning. First, it was her refusal to let dad help her put her shoes on, which resulted in her walking out of the house with only one shoe. Then in the car, she screamed that she wanted to play the "ABC game" with mom in the house. Finally, just as we're getting to Ruby's, I look back and that little monkey got into her bag, pulled out a banana, peeled it, and started waiving it everywhere.
One word: handful!

It totally made my day. Pictures are unrelated, but cute.


Isabelle Baeck said...

just fell in love with Miss N even more... fun to read some of BVZ's writing :)

aileen said...

I love how BVZ wrote "YOUR daughter" as the subject line.