Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Dump

Just a quick collection of pics from the past month or so....

Ever since Aunt Amy was in town and sleeping on the couch, Norah has requested the 'blue sheet' when she lounges on the couch reading her books. I think she just likes the idea that the couch can change colors.

The previous owner of our house was a big cat person and so there's a lot of random cat related modifications that were done. Case in point, there is a cat door between the third bedroom and the sun room (which is currently the playroom). Norah just recently discovered it and enjoys passing her toys and lovies through the 'secret door.'

She loves this wrap jacket I have and requests to wear it every morning. She calls it her 'keelano' (which I suspect means kimono).

We are slowly easing into potty training at Norah's request. She loves wearing underpants. So far we only have her in them at home but she is a champ at going to the bathroom (without prompting), pulling everything off, and peeing on the potty. There is no talk of poop yet (she asks for a diaper when she needs to go), but we feel no hurry and are letting her go at her own pace. I may regret that later, but for now it is working.

Norah is OBSESSED with talking on her phone. She loves to 'call' people, especially me. She typically 'calls' me when I am sitting right next to her. Our conversation goes something like this:

Me: Who is this please?
N: It's NORIE!
Me: Why, hello Norie it is so nice to hear from you. How are you?
N: Good. How do you do do?
Me: Pretty good. What would you like for dinner?
N: Chicken nuggets please.
Me: We don't have chicken nuggets [the only ones I will let her eat are the Earth's Best brand and Whole Foods no longer carries them. Yikes!]
N: Okay, maybe raspberries.
Me: Sounds good.

On Saturday Norah and I took BVZ to see Toy Story 3. She loved it just as much the second time. We were very smug as two families had to leave with kids much older than Norah. Our kid rules.

The other night Norah grabbed a stack of napkins and shoved them in her shirt so she could 'have a baby like Aunt Amy.'

Norah has excellent fine motor skills. Seriously, she has the dexterity of a 5 year old. One of her favorite things to do is buckle shoes. She put on her Suri Cruise shoes today (ie, her dress up shoes from her cousin Megan) and spent a good 5 minutes trying to buckle them. It was seriously next to impossible for her to do. She came over for help and it probably took me at least 5 minutes to get them buckled. The whole time she kept asking, 'you almost done, mom?'

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