We are a family of four, recently relocated to Austin, Texas, from the San Francisco Bay Area.

JRG is the mom.  She is a lawyer.  She likes fancy restaurants, even fancier hotels, reality television, reusable grocery bags, crime documentaries, pink champagne, Super Target, flip flops, the DVR, and most shows on MTV about wayward youth.

BVZ is the dad.  He is also a lawyer.  He likes the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco 49'ers, hiking, hoppy beer, the History Channel, investing in the stock market, chicken wings, and super nachos.

Norah is four years old.  She likes princesses, sushi, dress-up, trains, her brother, make believe, swings, dinosaurs, books, the movie theater, her cousins, pirate's booty, Halloween, and ballet. She has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease and taking her out to eat is a giant pain in the ass.

Louis is one.  He likes trucks, balls, trains, books, baths, cheese, his sister, the cat, and anything that even remotely resembles a car.  He has not been recently diagnosed with celiac disease, yet taking him out to eat is still a giant pain in the ass.