Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Tis the Season

Birthday season has begun! Norah is friends with an amazing group of kids who are all turning two in the next couple of months. Yesterday we kicked things off with a fabulous park celebration for Audrey. I didn't get a single picture of Audrey because she was constantly in motion. Actually, I didn't get a single good picture of anyone, including my own kid. Thank goodness for Jennifer (Ava's mom) who has a great camera and an even better eye. All of these pictures are courtesy of my dear friend who is able to chase after a toddler and take fabulous pictures at the same time-clearly I am not that talented.

I love this time of year because it is nice and warm in the sun and still freezing cold in the shade. I like having the option.

When did she grow up?

Audrey's mom and dad had hula hoops and beach balls. The kids had a great time jumping in and out of the hoops and playing soccer with the balls. I never thought of it before, but beach balls are actually a great way to get them used to kicking (it doesn't take much to make the ball go flying). Norah was totally into it.

The best part of the park was the creek. Norah saw that some kids were wading in it so she ripped off her socks and shoes and jumped right in.

See that little blue thing? It was a cute little stuffed toy that was part of the goody bag. I didn't even realize that Norah had it in her hand until Ruby's mom rescued it floating face up in the creek.

The park also had a fun play structure. Norah was filthy from the creek at this point.

Thanks for the fun party, Audrey! We had a great time. Recognize Norah's top? It is the dress from her first birthday. Sometimes it is nice to have visual proof that she actually is growing even when she eats like a bird.


Isabelle Baeck said...

full on kid without question! Love the creek diving :)

Amy said...

OMG! I love these pics! The best part is N getting dirty in the creek in her bday dress and the look on her face, I love it!!

Maryellen said...

How fun! I did recognize Norah's top but didn't know why. That's so crazy! I LOVE the pictures!

Jennifer said...

omg, I love the comparison with the dress/top! She's a big girl now!