Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Girl

For the past month or so Norah has been in serious hate with her crib. Like, kicking, screaming, howling, hate. I love how verbal she is, but I hate that she can yell, 'Mommy come Nanor now. PLEASE.' I can't deal, she's been sick, and so she's just been sleeping with us. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove it when she sleeps with us (seriously). She's totally cute and cuddly and sweet and gazes into my eyes and says 'Hi Mommy' and peppers my face with kisses. I mean, really. I love it. But, our bed is not that big and she's killing my back and my neck and I am waking up multiple times a night to remove her elbows and knees from my ribcage.

I stayed home with Norah this morning to make sure she was fully recovered and then worked from home this afternoon while she went to Ruby's. I took advantage of being alone and ran to Target for a few things. I checked out the toddler bedding, found a set I liked, and on a whim decided I would convert her crib ASAP. Of course I can't do anything half-way and so in the space of a very short amount of time I flipped her room from a nursery into a big girl's room. I am an idiot and didn't take before pictures, but here's the after:

I picked up this little step-stool with the idea that it would be a night table of sorts for her water, night-light lady bug, etc. But she likes to climb into bed using it and has already moved it all around the room climbing on other things. It might need to go.

I moved the heavy chest out and put her bookcase by the glider with the books she likes me to read to her (she's a book maniac, and I can't resist. Books rule).

On the other side is her reading chair with the books that she prefers reading to herself (like the flap books). Like how crooked that picture is? Don't worry, I fixed it.

The best vantage point I could get of the whole room, but you obviously can't see her little library area.

When she got home I told her I had a big surprise for her (I video'd it and will post later). She went right for the bed-after taking her shoes off, of course.

She loved it.

I gave her these cool sunglasses I got for her and told her that they were hers to keep if she stays in her new bed all night. We'll see. After bath and pj's she wanted to get into bed and we read her bedtime books there. Then she gave me a giant hug and kiss, told me bye-bye, talked to herself for about 20 minutes and went to sleep. It's been about 3 hours and I haven't heard a peep.

She's my shining star.


Natalie said...

So jealous of the Norah chair. Is it Pottery Barn.

These are our sleeping arrangements: king bed with a twin bed perpendicular next to the king. Can you picture it? Spencer is in the twin until between 6 and 7 am and then he moves over cuddles up next to me. I love it. I could let it go on until about 4th grade I think.

Amy said...

Oh little Norie is getting so big!! I love her big girl bed. The sunglasses are genius!!

k-dog studios said...

Mom 1 - Norah 1,957

Good job, Mom!

aileen said...

Love the bedding, big girl bed, and Norah enjoying it.

JAMS' HOUSE said...

Big Girl indeed!

She'll have to do a little show and tell for AM.

Maryellen said...

Hey, Norah's room is beautiful! Nice job momma!!!!