Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Play Date

Yesterday we had a fun family play date with the B-S and B-DU families. The B-S's live less than a mile away from us so it's actually kind of embarrassing we don't see them more often. They come with Simon, the most gorgeous 16 month old. He has long, lovely, blond locks and gets mistaken for a girl just about as much as Norah gets mistaken (still!) for a boy. Simon's dad had to stay home because of a cold, so we all told mean stories about him.

We had grand plans to have a picnic outside, but the weather was cold and windy and so things haphazardly moved inside. We were not well prepared and the dads ended up without chairs at the table. We made fresh guacamole and grilled cheeseburgers. Angela made an orzo-spinach-feta (I think)-citrus salad that was so delicious.

Michele brought some store bought potato salad. Which, while tasty, does not deserve its own picture. That may sound cruel, but Michele is a member of cooking club and should know better. (She's had a house full of sickies for the past week so she gets a pass, but is not immune from ridicule. I told you we are hard core).

I made a butter shortcake with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

The kids had a blast.

They were all about tickling.

After dinner and dessert we let them tear around the house burning off their sugar highs. Annmarie and Norah had a good cuddle and then all three kids hung out in Norah's bed reading books and jabbing each other with pinwheels.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday.


Natalie said...

Thanks. I'm starving now. Especially for the orzo salad. No, the cheeseburgers. No, the butter shortcakes. Yeah, I could eat all of it.

on the verge said...

OMG! The genes have fully taken shape -- I could have sworn I saw Norah make the one-handed "I'm just rockin' out by myself over here, don't pay it no mind, peeps" sign, true to Vander-form, while she was at the table. While done, lil' Vander! Well done, indeed ...

JAMS' HOUSE said...

This evening I asked AM if she had fun with Norah and Simon and she said “again!”

Amy said...

Cutie kids all the way around! I love the cuddles.