Wednesday, May 05, 2010


The language explosion at this age is remarkable. I find that I can understand about 50% of what Norah says these days (everyone else, including BVZ probably gets about 30%). As Norah eats dinner every night we talk about her day. Here's a sampling of our conversations over the past couple of weeks.

Me: Norah, what did you do today?
Norah: Played.
Me: What did you play?
Norah: Play farm. Ruby! Ruby! (Ruby got a little people farm).
Me: That sounds like fun. Do you love playing with Ruby?
Norah: Yes. Ruby lip owie. (Ruby busted her lip weeks ago. Norah can't let it go).

Me: Norah, what did you do today?
Norah: Dorothy.
Me: Who is Dorothy?
Norah: Dorothy Fish.
Me: Ah, you mean Elmo's fish Dorothy? Where does Dorothy live?
Norah: Bowl.
Me: Do you love Elmo?
Norah: Yes.
Me: How about you eat some zucchini?
Norah: Nanor night night Mommy's bed.

Me: Norah, did you see a helicopter today? (She and Pam and Ruby saw a helicopter doing a training exercise land and take off).
Norah: Yes!
Me: Was it awesome?
Norah: [Making helicopter noises] Windy, windy, windy! Nanor's eyes! (Covers eyes to express that she had to cover her eyes because it was so windy)
Me: What else did you do?
Norah: Walk.
Me: Did you have a bagel?
Norah: Yummy!

I'm sure it only gets better from here.


Stephanie said...

I heart Norah's words.

Maryellen said...

Your conversations are precious.

meganastone said...

Norah and I chatted on Monday.

Me: Did you have fun on the play date yesterday?
Norah: Yes.
Me: Did you see Sebastian?
Norah: Yes.
Me: Did you see Audrey?
Norah: Yes.
Me: Did you see Caleb?
Norah: Yes.
Me: Did you see Caroline?
Norah: Yes. Baby.
Me: Oh, you saw Baby Kevin too?
Norah: Yes.
Me: Did you see Ruby? (just checking =)
Norah: Yes...(laughing)!

Smart girl!

Kristin said...

I love how Norah calls herself Nanor.