Saturday, November 26, 2011


Norah has been saying such sweet and funny things lately, I want to remember them forever:

Lou has had a string of really, really bad nights and the other day I stumbled out of the bedroom more than a bit disheveled in a tank top and old pj pants. As soon as N saw me she said, "good morning mom! You look SO CUTE in those nice kajamas."

She has incorporated the word 'unfortunately' into her vocabulary with vigor. As in, "unfortunately, we can only have one treat a day."

Last week while Megan and Trevor were here they had to go home because Megan hurt her toe. When we were in the car driving to their house for Thanksgiving N said, "oh, I can't wait to ask Megan if her toe is okay!"

We have been doing some Christmas shopping together and at one point N melted down a bit because she was worried that no one was buying HER any presents. After many talks about the meaning of Christmas in our house (the giving of not only gifts but acts of service to others), I do really believe she gets it. The other day at breakfast she told me, "Christmas is not just about me. It's kind of hard to be three."

She will get upset for no reason sometimes, especially when she is very tired. We both agreed that sometimes you just need to cry, but that when it happens she needs to excuse herself and be upset in her room. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from Thanksgiving and was really grouchy and having a fit when I had to wake her up. I gave her a hug and she told me, "I will just be in my room having a good cry."

We went out yesterday and she insisted on wearing her Christmas dress and carrying a black leather purse that said 'I love shoes.' (See pic.) We were at lunch and she busted out all of these toys to keep Lou entertained. She packed her purse full of crackers for them to share and toys for her brother.

Best kid ever.


k-dog studios said...

what a sweetheart you're raising. please send some of that our way.

Maryellen said...

Those are wonderful things she's saying. I also love her Christmas dress!

Kristin said...

N shouldn't worry. Uncle Kiks is gonna make it rain with toys!!

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

LOL, cute! :)

Pretty as the Morning said...

She is so thoughtful! And I love that she said it's hard to be three! Its hard to be 30 some days!