Thursday, November 17, 2011


We finally got some rain the other day. It thundered and rained on and off for most of the morning. Norah asked where thunder came from and I said the clouds. She said it sounded like Louie's butt (she's kind of right). At one point I took Lou to his room to give him a bottle and settle him down for a nap and when I returned (no more than 10 minutes later), this is what I found.

These two constantly swap pacis. It's rather disgusting.

It was the same rainy day but we had to get out of the house, so we headed over to Aunt Amy's where baby costume hijinks ensued.

Lou has gigantic feet.

I am not a shopper at all (shocking, I know), and before Norah was born rarely would set foot in a mall. I got used to malls when she was a baby, however, as they are good places to 1) get out of the heat with a baby, 2) get out of the rain with a baby, and 3) get out of the godforsaken house with a baby. There is a mall not too far from here that's exceptionally kid friendly with a play structure, ride on train, full sized carousel, and a plethora of Christmas decorations. We went to ride the carousel today and ended up walking around for two hours just looking at stuff. Norah was in rare form and made an excellent shopping companion. We were walking through the dress department of a big store and she was obsessed with all things sequin. She declared this one her favorite and said that she was going to marry Caleb while wearing this dress.

The end.


Tucker said...

Dinos and bling! Good times

Maryellen said...

I think you should go back to the store and buy the dress. That would make an awesome wedding dress!!