Sunday, November 06, 2011

Notes From an IPhone

No theme to this post other than a regular iphone dump.

The other day Norah found a bunch of bobby pins in my bathroom and asked me to give her fancy hair. I was totally impressed with myself.

We had a great evening carving pumpkins with the cousins. This is what you get after an evening of carving pumpkins with the cousins.

Really, can you ever get enough pictures of Louis' hair?

Every day I think crawling is imminent. Look how high he gets. He rocks on all fours like nobody's business. But then he flops and starts chewing the carpet. Oh well.

A little skeleton action.

Lou's crawling may suck, but his pincher grasp is out of this world. I give full credit to Reid and puffs.

Louis has hand-me-down Giants pj's from Caleb/Lucas. They are my favorite.

The other day at Amy's house I trimmed Lou's finger and toe nails. All was well until I got to the very last (pinky) finger. He jerked at the exact wrong time and I snipped the top layer of skin off of his finger. It bled. A lot. For a long time. At one point it crossed my mind he might need a stitch and I was going to have to explain to the ER that I mauled him with nail clippers. Obviously it stopped eventually and I think he's forgiven me. He cried so hard that he fell asleep in my lap while his finger was still gushing blood. That's trust, people.

We have a family history of being obsessed with Vicks Vapo-rub. My mom used to slather it on us when we were sick as kids and now I can't actually sleep at night without it. Norah has recently been introduced to the wonder that is Vicks and it appears as though the addiction has continued.

This was Norah's jack-o-lantern that she carved at her cousins' house. It was on the counter/bar in the kitchen and on Halloween night I went to change Lou in his room and returned to find this (those are plastic knives and forks). I like her style.

This past weekend we went up to see BVZ's new office and walk around the town square. His office is in an old historic building and I think it used to be a hotel at some point. Fabulous hardwood floors, exposed piping, brick walls. Very trendy and very cool.

We took the kids to an early dinner (4:45 pm. Sigh), at the popular Monument Cafe. Super fun vibe and great atmosphere. Food? Eh, not so good. Louis is really into menus.

Norah decided she would order for him (water and a biscuit).

He pounded the water and the biscuit. Please note the lack of any kind of high chair cover. High chair covers are for first children. Subsequent children love germs.

Norah had a handful of really rough days at school two weeks ago and she was crying a lot during the day. Mostly for Ruby, but I think she was just feeling overwhelmed by everything. She's been so great about adjusting to the move and the change in everything she's known up until this point that I knew there had to be a bit of a backlash at some point.

My approach to when she would be upset would be to empathize with her and tell her how I was really sad as well and how much I missed my friends too and that I totally understood how she felt. Then we would hug and talk about visiting our friends in December. I changed my approach a bit after her week of meltdowns and now we are focusing on how happy both our old and new friends make us and how Ruby would only want us to be happy and not sad. When she starts to feel sad about Ruby at school she goes and finds her friend Renee and thinks happy things about Ruby. When she gets sad about Ruby at home she puts on the Tinkerbell pj's Ruby gave her and thinks happy things about Ruby. So far it's working and last week she had a great, crying free, week at school.

After the first day of no crying she was so proud of herself that I wanted her to know how proud we were of how brave she was being. We went to Target and she got to pick out a movie. She picked Dumbo. Everyone warned me it was a bad choice because Dumbo is so sad. Eh, I know how tough she is. She loved it. She is mildly obsessed with it. She has a stuffed purple elephant that is Dumbo and her comfy Belle doll is now Dumbo's mom. Dumbo's mom gets locked in her closet every night because that's the "jail" and Dumbo gets to sleep in a special basket next to Norah's bed. She told me that if he doesn't sleep there he wakes up in the middle of the night and calls out, "Norah, Norah, where are you? I miss you!"

She tucks him in at night with one of Louie's old sleepers. I expect great things from this kid.


Natalie said...

I would pay money for that updo. I don't have the curls to pull it off, but one can wish.

Tucker said...

The hair, the vicks, the forks, all of it makes me laugh out loud every time. Ha!

JAMS' HOUSE said...

I think I have said this before - but I just adore Norah's heart. So can relate to her sadness.

Also, Lou and Ben need to start a hair band. :)