Saturday, November 05, 2011

Continuing a Tradition

I have never been that huge into the bar/club scene (shocking, I know), so even pre-kids BVZ and I were not big Halloween party goers. Instead, we would carefully select one or two delightfully scary movies (as in, read film critic reviews for weeks and stalk Netflix for the perfect ones. Ah, the good old days). Then we would make a traditional dinner of hot dogs and tater tots and eat the majority of the candy purchased for the trick or treaters.

By Norah's first Halloween, two important things had happened: 1) we had a new group of awesome baby friends, and 2) we lived on the "Halloween Street" in Belmont. As a result, the Halloween festivities were incredibly fun and went on for days. Halloween has easily become my all time favorite holiday. I wanted to establish similar traditions here in Texas, so we decided to have a big party.

Norah approved the idea and after waffling between Jessie, Sleeping Beauty, and a Chicken, she finally settled on wanting to be Princess Frostine from the board game Candyland (although she insists it is actually Princess Frosting....good luck trying to convince her otherwise). Lou was going to be Batman. Then Norah asked me to please, please, please be Lolly from Candyland and BVZ to be King Candy. We all couldn't be one theme and leave Louis to be Batman (I mean, the indignity of it about second child syndrome). So, Louis got assigned Mr. Mint and Norah strong armed Bubby into being Grandma Nutt.

The finished costume, complete with elbow length white gloves.

The dessert table. For the first time we have been able to have both a dining room and a kitchen table and I pretty much love everything about it.

Spider krispy treats:

Owl krispies:

Owl cupcakes (those are mini oreos as the eyes):

Platters of pumpkin, ghost and spider web sugar cookies:

Megan and Trevor brought a platter of eyeball donuts later on (white powdered sugar mini donuts with a m&m in the center and red frosting streaks...they were fantastic), but I somehow managed to not get a picture of them.

We had a run of the mill cheese plate (with crackers):

Fruit skewers:

The "Undead" Pizzas:

Mummy Dogs:

Evil Octopus Hummus and Squid Dip (spinach and artichoke dip....the monsters are bell peppers):

Worm Jello Cups:

Caramel covered snack mix. This was a huge hit. In fact, it almost didn't make it to the party because both BVZ and Bubby couldn't keep their hands out of it.

Then there was a wide variety of chips and crackers and veggies, etc. for the dips and cheeses.

We got a few new decorations this year, including:

The giant Jack-o-Lantern head.

A light up pumpkin.

This was put up so that people could put their heads behind it and take cute pictures. The stupid cat knocked it down before the party, BVZ moved it out of the way, and then I forgot about it. This is the only person who got her picture taken. Boo.

A light up spider web with giant plastic spiders in the center.

My Lolly costume basically consisted of a skirt and shirt I already owned and a giant lollipop scepter that Kiki helped me make the night before from the left over materials we used to make the magic wands at Norah's third birthday party.

This is the best family picture we got. I blame it on the photographer (Bubby), and the fact that BVZ and I are possibly the most un-photogenic people on the planet.

Amy and Mark showed up as Siegfred and Roy. Reid was their tiger. Words can never adequately describe how much I love them for doing this. Mark was wearing Amy's stretch pants. And some of her bronzer.

Grandma Nutt and the tiger.

Kiki flew in from Virginia just for the weekend. She was an enormous help with the party and just generally fun to have around. She was a raccoon. When asked why she picked raccoon she pretty much admitted it was so she could wear sweats to the party.

I had organized a few games for the kids to play, including ghost bowling:

Guess how many candy corns in the jar:

Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern (not pictured), and shove your hands in a bowl of disgusting worms (spaghetti), eyeballs (grapes), bones (cinnamon sticks), and internal organs (beans) for a prize.

We ended up with a houseful of babies, toddler, pre-schoolers, and big kids, as well as 30+ adults. It was all kinds of fun. The rest of the pictures are in no real order but hopefully show how delightfully chaotic it all was.

Things were winding down and SLB (my best friend since before kindergarten) and her husband Ben showed up (they were at a baby shower earlier in the day), in these outfits:

They went out and got Snooki and Pauly D wigs specifically for this kid's party. The rest of their costume was found in their own closet. They brought blush wine. They talked in Jersey accents the entire time. I love these two more than words can say.

All in all it was a great time and something I hope we do every year. Kiki was instrumental in helping me with all the food and decoration and costume prep. Amy made both the hummus and the artichoke dip. Bubby cleaned up after us the entire time (no easy feat, I assure you) and entertained babies. Parties are so much more fun to throw with that kind of help around.

We missed our California gang tremendously (I may or may not have cried a little in the Target parking lot the day before about it), and Halloween didn't seem quite the same without them. Maybe I could convince them to all fly out at the same time next year for the party? Any takers??


The H's said...

We loved the party. And I can personally attested to the deliciousness of each food featured on the blog. I tried every single one. Thanks for inviting us. And for the nice picture in which we all have our eyes open, except maybe Wallis.

meganastone said...

First, I hardly recognize you in a pink and turquoise =)

Second, I love, love, love Lou's costume.

Third, before you even posted this I was thinking we needed to be together for Halloween. We're in!

Maryellen said...

That looked like an awesome party!! I LOVED all of the costumes. You all are so much fun!!

Kiki said...

In Bub's defense, I took your family picture. It was hard, yo...BVZ's hat added another foot and you are tiny.

Tucker said...

The GVZs know how to throw a good party!!! Kiki got some great pics!

k-dog studios said...

looks like QUITE the party - you outdid yourself. While the Candyland family was adorable, I am in stitches about Seigfried & Roy. What an awesome costume!

JAMS' HOUSE said...

One of these days we will visit Austin and I think we need to plan the trip around your Halloween party.

Awesome costumes all around.