Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pumpkin Pie

Louis has not been the most consistent eater when it comes to solid foods. Basically, he refuses anything off of a spoon and will only entertain the notion of food he can pick up himself. Although he has quite the pincer grasp for a 9 month old he is, well, 9 months old. And there is only so much stuff I am willing to allow him to try and cram in his mouth. Even finger foods are hit or miss, though. One day he can't get enough cheese cubes. The next, cheese is the devil. So, basically, he eats just like Norah did. Hooray.

He was pretty uninterested in Thanksgiving dinner and even less interested in Thanksgiving leftovers. Until I gave him a taste of Aunt Stephanie's pumpkin pie. Then it was game on. He could.not.get.enough. I know, I know, pumpkin pie is a dessert. With sugar. But it isn't like it's chocolate cake. It's pumpkin. That's a vegetable.

Anyway, today Aunt Stephanie made Lou his very own pumpkin pie. It was waiting in the fridge when we got back from his well baby visit today. Now that's service for you.

Jealous yet?

I don't skimp on portions when we are talking about pie.

He was hooked from the first bite.

And kept looking for more. This is his "lady, move faster. Put that pie in my face!" look.

He ate that entire piece of pie, save for about a bite (that went in my mouth) and most of the crust. Hey, the crust is my favorite part.

See, there are peas on his plate too. I am not that bad of a mom!

Norah was horrified at the thought that she would have to eat regular dinner (ie, ravioli and broccoli), while Louis got to have pie and peas. So, she got pie for dinner too and I didn't have to make ravioli and broccoli. Everybody wins.


Maryellen said...

I think pumpkin pie is a perfectly acceptable dinner. It sounds completely delightful.

aileen said...

A guy after my own heart. I love pumpkin pie.

Pretty as the Morning said...

It's so funny how different kids are! Adelaide sits in her chair hands at her side gobbling down her pureed food. In fact some days I wonder if she is lazy or will ever show interest in feeding herself (not that I am complaining, meal time is very neat and tidy right now).

Tucker said...

Auntie Steph the super hero! Lou, you have good taste in desserts.