Saturday, November 05, 2011

The After Party

After the Halloween party wound down (this won't make any sense until I actually put the Halloween party post up....soon, I promise), Reid got down to the business of eating some dinner.

And some of the rest of us decided to move our candy corn asses and take a walk. SLB agreed to walk around my neighborhood dressed as a streetwalker (she was actually Snooki, which you will see glorious pictures of if I ever get around to that pesky Halloween party post....) I am sure our neighbors have now called CPS.

Megan wore my Giants shirt and brought binoculars.

Norah changed into cat pajamas.

The beating heart zombie stayed behind to watch the babies (oh, and so did a few grown ups).

I think I took 276 pictures of these three yokels in front of this cute BOO sign and this is the best one I got.

We walked a few more blocks to check out the best decorated house in the neighborhood. We can only aspire to be this good. It was a fully stocked, completely decked out graveyard. It was legitimately really, really scary. Norah loves scary stuff and refused to look at most of the stuff. Megan was a little freaked out too, although she wouldn't admit it.

Trevor, on the other hand, decided to dare himself to do crazy things like lay in the graveyard, shake a skeleton's hand, kiss a tombstone, etc. Then he decided to make me take a picture of each thing he did. I think there are 60+ pictures. Here are some highlights:

Trevor and Kiki pretend to be part of the landscaping.

Trevor chills with a zombie.

SLB realizes how inappropriate her outfit was for a children's party. (Kidding! It was awesome).

Trevor shakes hands with the undead.

Bubby forces Norah in on the action.

SLB gets up close and personal.

Trevor and I danced with the devil in the pale moon light.

Being as "creepy as possible."

The kids came back to eat dinner and watch a Halloween movie, but were so exhausted they couldn't keep their eyes open. Trevor actually sneezed into and then drooled on my pillow he was so tired. Totally gross, but a sign of a successful party for sure.

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