Sunday, September 28, 2014


Louis and Reid are playing soccer with the YMCA.  They are on the same team, the T-Rexs.  They practice once a week and then have a game on Saturday.  It is ridiculous how cute the whole thing is and how much of a hot mess they all are.  I missed the first practice because of work and then the second practice and game were cancelled because of rain.

I was on board for the next practice, though.

Lou is really into it.  He likes to get the ball but is not overly aggressive, gets distracted easily, likes to flop (ie, throw himself on the field in a dramatic fashion), and can sometimes be seen with his hand down his pants.

I actually had to miss the first game on Saturday because it conflicted with a Daisy Scout field trip, but dear god the cuteness was on maximum overdrive.

Thankfully, BVZ and the rest of the family were there to take photos and cheer him on.  The report I got was that:
1.  He had a great time
2.  He showed Reid his Batman underpants on the field
3.  He scored a goal
4.  For the wrong team
5.  He wants to do it again next week