Thursday, December 04, 2014

Since We've Been Gone

There have been lots of goings on around here.  Since my last post:

1.  I took an indefinite leave of absence from my job after (among other things) Norah told me it was ruining her life.
2.  I took about six weeks off, intending to re-organize our life and clean out all the closets.  It was a tough adjustment.  Really, I just watched a lot of television and played a LOT of candy crush.
3.  Norah and I went on a girls only trip to Sea World.  
4.  My laptop died and I didn't even really care.
5.  I took a new gig (part-time for real this time) as a writer for a legal website.  It's 100% work from home.  I like it a lot so far and I pick up the kids from school every day.  Norah no longer accuses me of ruining her life.
6.  I had to get a new laptop and got a MacBook.  I never knew I could love a laptop so much.
7.  We had a great Halloween.
8.  We had an even greater Thanksgiving in Southern California with GG and Aunt Vanessa.  Norah even went ice skating.  

Photos forthcoming.

I am around ALL OF THE TIME now.  Be careful what you wish for, kid.

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