Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Day of First Grade

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, first grade was upon us.  Both Norah and I were significantly less stressed about it.  We met her teacher (the awesome Mrs. C), bought some school supplies, picked out a first day outfit and we were on our way.

Norah asked for a short hair cut.  It is hot here and I think she was just tired of it in her face all of the time.  I will never again allow her to cut bangs unless she is ready to commit to them for the rest of eternity.  Growing out bangs for a kid who does not like to wear clips in her hair is a nightmare.  She sports the shaggy dog look 85% of the time.  

First day!

This is her school BFF, A.  She and Norah get along famously.  I am not ever really worried about Norah being one of the "mean girls" at school (it is just not in her nature), but I do always worry a little that she will become the next worst thing to a mean girl--a nice girl who wants to be friends with the mean girl.  Thankfully Norah and her close friends seem to be oblivious to the drama that goes on, even at this very young age, and are finding their way with humor and grace.  I have my eyes open at all times but so far we have been very lucky with the solid group of girls that make up her base of friends.

My smart, kind, sassy girl.

We are a month or so in and she is doing great.  She reports that she loves first grade even more than kindergarten.  Her favorites are reading, writing, art and science.  She is doing exceptionally well and we could not be happier with her school, classroom, and everyday environment.

Louis started pre-school at the new Spanish school where he and Norah did three weeks of summer camp.  He is in the Azul room.  He really likes it a lot and there are a few friends that were also defectors from his old school.  He is doing well--most of the time.  We have had a few incidents of him "forgetting to use nice hands with friends" and "not listening during circle time" but considering the fact that the majority of the instruction is in a language he does not actually speak, I think he is doing remarkably well. It is everything I have ever wanted in a pre-school--small, very loving, very involved teachers, etc.  He has only shown his underpants to kids on the playground once, so I consider us to be ahead of the game.

I did not take a photo of him on his first day.  I did however take a photo of the balloon he got from meet the teacher night that Bubby tied to his bed.  A balloon anywhere near a sleeping child is my worst nightmare.  It was removed immediately.

We are off to a good start.  Let's just hope the streak continues!

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