Sunday, September 28, 2014

End of Summer

Louis wears a superhero costume every day, pretty much all day.  He would wear one to school if we let him.  That is not what makes this photo remarkable.  It is noteworthy because it captures him putting actual food into his mouth willingly.  A rare sighting for sure.

Norah's six year well child visit.  She is practically perfect in every way. (And yes, the nurse gave Bear a gown as well.)

We celebrated with a fancy lunch out.

Lou celebrated the last day at his school.  There were parts of it I liked but lots more that I did not. He is currently attending a Spanish immersion school and already knows more Spanish than I do.

Camilla does not love me as much as I love her.

These two are trouble.

Norah graduated (finally) to a two-wheeled scooter and has finally agreed to attempt riding her bike (with training wheels).  Baby steps with this girl..

His favorite food is guacamole.  Well, the chips too.

I guess a new Star Wars movie is coming out (?) because the Disney Store is full of merchandise. Lou loves storm troopers and Norah is partial to the Leia/Luke/Han triad.

Norah got a lot of legos for her birthday this year and they take up a lot of her free time.

She can pick up just about any (age appropriate) book these days and read it cold.  We continue to be amazed by and very proud of her abilities.  She will read to just about anyone she can.  Camilla is a much better audience than Lou.

We did several Daisy Scout activities this summer, including helping out in the school garden (Lou is an honorary Daisy sometimes).

My friend moved to Oregon and that makes me very sad.  But I look forward to ditching my family to go visit her.

Megan officially became a teenager! And now babysits! At night!  She was much more excited than this photo represents.  She is taller than me and we wear the same size shoe.  Bananas.

Louis plays football inside wearing his uniform: a jersey, bike helmet, and mittens.

New schools necessitate new lunch boxes.

Bubby took all five of the grandkids to the movies one morning and I met up with them for lunch. Megan and Trevor are the only ones that look happy and well behaved because they were the only ones that were happy and well behaved.

I was working so much we ended up eating out a lot.  Some good times, some bad.

There were swimming birthday parties to attend.

And new prescriptions to get.

Norah went to a handful of different summer camps and for three weeks went to camp at Lou's Spanish immersion school.  This was the first time EVER that I got to drop both kids off at the same time at the same place.  It was only for three weeks, but it was glorious.

Thank goodness for straps that holds furniture to walls.

Lego mania.

The playroom has a ledge that is the perfect height for jumping.

Sometimes he will listen to her.

Lou finally outgrew his toddler bed so he got Norah's twin and she got a full.  I briefly considered getting her bunk beds but then remembered Lou's personality and decided against it.  He got new superhero bedding.

Putting together IKEA furniture is like childbirth--you quickly forget just how painful it is because what you get out of it (usually) makes you so happy.  A simple bed frame was really hard to put together.  

But the finished product was perfect.

There have been lots of sleepovers, some of them even successful.

Norah has never liked sleeping IN her bed--she always has slept on top of it.  She says it is because she likes having her bed  made but does not like to make it.  Fair enough.

There were a couple of times the kids had to come to work with me.  I did not get a lot done those times.  We do now have photocopies of both of their hands.  Sadly, no butts.

Post-haircut the day before first grade.

The heat kills me.

BVZ and I celebrated our 9th anniversary.  It was pretty low-key.

More trouble.

I am always outside during swimming but for the first time this summer I felt comfortable not having to be in the water the whole time.  So that was a nice change.

Our neighborhood is full of trails that lead to little exercise parks.  This is their favorite. 

Shark pajamas.

New glasses and school supplies shopping.



Norah draws little notes and leaves them around for me to find.  Love that kid.

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