Sunday, September 28, 2014


This is a random collection of photos from my phone over the last month or so...

Clean bill of health from the dentist again.  Which is actually kind of shocking given their wayward nutrition lately and the fact that I have to pin Lou down most night in order to brush his teeth.  The other good news is that he has completely outgrown his "paci mouth" and he no longer has teeth that look like Mater the Tow Truck.

Lou's hair is phenomenal.  It is thick and luxurious and has a perfect amount of wave.  It also grows exceptionally fast and within a week after a hair cut is hanging in his eyes.  I thought I could take matters into my own hands and buy us a little more time between cuts.  I thought wrong.

We went to to haircut place the next day.

The kids are excited to watch Longhorn Football.

See? Teeth are so much better.

GG sends the best stuff.  Here Norah is randomly sporting authentic Dutch wooden shoes and a crazy lady feather hat from Laguna Beach.

Norah had a hard time with me working so much, especially on the weekends and I often would wake up in the morning to her head on my pillow.

 Not to be outdone by the boys wearing superhero outfits all.the.time, Norah wanted in on the action as well.

Reid and Lou attempted a sleepover.  There was a lot of superhero fighting.

Popcorn eating.

And generally being adorable.

This was Norah's self-portrait she did at school.

Waiting patiently for a cupcake at a birthday party.

Norah went to a birthday party at one of those fancy dress up princess places.  She mentions it at least once a day and refers to it as "one of the best days of my life."

When your Batman costume is a little big it looks as though you are wearing a giant black diaper.

Swimming after 7:00 pm is the best because Lou does not have to wear a swim shirt.  It makes his whole day.

Lou's school does not open until 8:00 am.  Norah has to be at her school at 7:35 and even after navigating all of the crazy drop off traffic we still get to his school by 7:50 at the latest.  So I park and turn off the car and he gets to come to the front and push all the buttons.  I am sure someone will call CPS shortly.

Norah's friend down the street has the perfect climbing tree.  It is good to have a friend with a perfect climbing tree, especially one who lives down the street.

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