Sunday, September 28, 2014

Superhero Run

Every year CASA (court appointed special advocates) does a Superhero inspired 5K and 1K fun run to raise money for abused and neglected kids.  It is a good cause and everyone loves a superhero so it seemed like a win-win.  I ordered Norah a Bat Girl costume from Amazon.  She loves it and I am ignoring the fact that I let my six year old dress in black vinyl.  Louis wanted to wear his Batman costume but it was "too wet" (ie, a drop of water spilled on it), so he decided to be Spiderman.  Spiderman with a Batman belt and Batman cape.

BVZ had a Spiderman shirt and I had a Wonder Woman one left over from Norah's fourth birthday party.

It was a huge event with a TON of people.  The kids were stoked to see "the REAL Batman."  There were also REAL stormtroopers but I somehow failed to photograph them.

Batman Reid joined us.

And Super Girl Camilla.

At the starting line.

Norah was really into it and BVZ had to keep telling her to slow down because Louis was not nearly as fast.  She was not about to take off without them so she did a little backtracking.  Girl can run.

They got medals for finishing the race.  I think Louis has worn his every day and has taken it to school for show and tell twice.

He also uses it as a monocle when he is pretending to be the Penguin (again, from Batman).

There were a ton of activities and booths after the race and three giant moon bounces.  There was also a field full of fire ants, mosquitoes, and chiggers but I seem to be the only one who got eaten alive.

It was a fun, fun, fun event (except for the getting eaten alive part) and I hope it becomes an annual tradition.

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