Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Great Toast Incident of 2010

She looks sweet and innocent, right?

Today we went to C's second birthday party and had a fabulous time. C has smart parents and they had his party at a place where they didn't have to clean up the mess. Everything was going great, Norah was having a fantastic time and was stoked to see her friends, especially Ruby (she yelled Ruby Bear, Ruby Bear and gave her multiple giant hugs). However, the two were playing in the little kitchen together, and for no apparent reason, Norah walloped Ruby in the face with a piece of plastic toast. Poor Ruby went running for her mom and did the kind of screaming where her mouth was wide open but no sound at all came out.

Norah had to sit out in the other room for a few minutes to think about what she had done and then apologize profusely. Ruby seemed to be okay with it after a while and even agreed to (cautiously) play with Norah for the rest of the party. I felt so bad. Geesh.


aileen said...

Thanks again for coming! Caleb had a lot of fun!

meganastone said...

Don't give it a second thought. Ruby's clearly forgiven Norah. We had a full schedule today that involved two different "play dates". We also went for a long walk after her nap and saw two firetrucks, two ambulances and two police cars. She talked about it the entire time. When Adam got home from work he asked Ruby what she did today. She shouted, "Nanor!"