Friday, July 16, 2010

More Norah-isms

Norah had quite the language explosion when she was around her cousins and I am loving all of the funny stuff she is saying these days.

  • Everything is 'a little bit.' Do you want some milk? A little bit. Are you sad right now? A little bit. Do you want to pee on the potty? Yes. A little bit.
  • She is really into telling us that she will 'be right back.' I will be in one room and BVZ will be in another. She will tell me something and then say, 'need to tell Dad. Be right back' and then run to him and do the same.
  • She is very receptive when we tell her she can have one more thing (ie, a cookie) or do something one more time (ie, jump off the couch). She announces, 'one more and then NO MORE.'
  • When either of us leaves she says, 'Bye, bye, see you later.'
  • She has started telling us she loves us unsolicited but it is always, 'love you too' even if she's the first one saying it.
  • We get lots and lots of pleases and thank yous.
  • Her cousins taught her to say 'no way, Jose.' Would you like to eat that broccoli? No way, Jose!
  • She is coming up with 5, 6, 7, even 8 word sentences. I have no idea where she picked up some of her words. This morning I was snuggling with her and she rubbed my chin with her hand and said, 'look at me, I am rubbing Mommy's chin.' Really? Chin?
  • She likes to announce, 'I am ready to go!' and 'wait for me, wait for me!' if someone gets to the front door before she does.
Our friend Suzy took this family photo a few weeks ago. I think the look on Norah's face says it all.


k-dog studios said...

norah is such a HOOT. love all of her little sayings. she must crack you guys up all day long.

meganastone said...

Yay! Norah is back and so is the blog!

Jennifer said...

What does that look on Norah's face say? I LOVE the "be right back" - how funny!