Saturday, July 17, 2010

Uncle Kiki

Norah has a hard time saying 'Aunt Kristin' so we started calling her 'Kiki' to see if Norah would pick up on it. She did. However, instead of calling her Aunt Kiki she calls her Uncle Kiki. I have no idea why. She clearly understands that Aunts are female and Uncles are male and Kiki doesn't particularly look like a man, so I don't really get it. But. It is HILARIOUS. Uncle Kiki is a good sport and just rolls with it.

Here Norah is modeling a cute outfit, courtesy of Uncle Kiki.


Wyatt & Co. said...

My dad always referred to my uncle (Dad's oldest brother)as Great Aunt Yehuda. To this day, I have no idea why my dad called him Aunt Yehuda. When Norah is all grown you can still talk about Uncle Kiki. Unrelated note--I just love her hair!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that outfit!

Team Eliza said...

What a sweet story. This makes me think about how my dad always called all of you "boys" and you called him "Aunt Joe".

Natalie said...

My grandmother had 5 brothers. My dad, at age 2 would call 4 of them by name: Uncle Frank, Uncle Lindy,
Uncle Albert and Uncle Stan. The 4th brother he refused to call Uncle Syl. He called him Saki Syl. My family still talks about it 64 years later.