Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy (Almost) Anniversary

Our actual anniversary isn't until August 13, but Bubby is in town so we took advantage of the free babysitting to get away for a night. Now, I am not a very sentimental person (shocking, I know), but BVZ is actually far LESS sentimental than I am (shocking. I know). So, imagine my surprise when he suggested we spend the night at the Hotel St. Claire, in San Jose, which is the place we spent our wedding night.

Cute, right?

We headed down to San Jose Saturday afternoon and went to see a real live movie in a theater. It had been almost a year since we went to the movies and we saw Inception. I really liked it. It was the only good Leonardo DiCaprio movie since What's Eating Gilbert Grape (please don't comment and say The Departed was a good Leonardo DiCaprio movie. If you liked The Departed we can no longer be friends. Or family, really).

Here's some blurry shots of the St. Claire lobby.

This is the honeymoon suite which is the only room on the 'half' floor. We stayed there the night of the wedding and cracked up because we are so not people who stay in a honeymoon suite.

The king sized bed is what made it all worthwhile. We need a king sized bed. I think the future of our marriage depends on it.

After dinner we had a fun dinner at the San Pedro Square Bistro and Wine Bar. It was really tasty.

BVZ is very happy at the prospect of going to bed before 10 pm, in a king sized bed, without a toddler.

We started with a yummy bistro salad. It had too many pine nuts. I used to love pine nuts. I really don't anymore. I don't know what happened.

Then we had the crab cake. It was good but had way too much celery in it. I don't like crab cakes quite that crunchy.

The scallops were my favorite.

BVZ liked the mini burgers best. I forgot to take a picture until they were half eaten.

After dinner we, wait for it, wait for it, went on a walking tour of all of our wedding location sites. Too sweet, right? Here is the restaurant we had our rehearsal dinner at. Doesn't BVZ look sad? That's because the restaurant (The Tied House) doesn't exist anymore.

Here's the Corinthian Room at the San Jose Athletic Club where we had the ceremony and reception. It's an amazing building.

There was a wedding going on inside, so I just peeked inside the front door a little.

Classy place, right?

We went back to the hotel and had dessert at the restaurant there, Il Fornaio. It was the place of my bridal shower, after wedding brunch, and many, many cocktails with good friends and family.

Sunday morning we had breakfast again at Il Fornaio.

We ordered berries with creme fraiche, which turned out to be creme fraiche with a few berries. I like creme fraiche, but not enough to drink it.

Thankfully my bruchetta eggs,

and BVZ's salmon frittata were much better.

We arrived home to find both Norah and Bubby in one piece and happy to see us.

It was a fun celebration. I was giving BVZ a hard time because on our first anniversary we were in Paris (the vacation that started this blog, actually. Go back to the 2006 archives to see how thin and well rested we were), and now all we wanted was to be in bed by 10. Funny how things change, but I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe I would have gotten more sleep. But other than that....not a thing.


Natalie said...

What an awesome anniversary trip. The last time we went away for an anniversary was our 5th. It was the last one before Spencer was born.

Spencer is starting preschool tomorrow. Michael took the day off so we can both take him. After we drop him off we're going on a morning date, including seeing Inception at 9:20 am. I am beyond excited for tomorrow.

JAMS' HOUSE said...

First, Happy Anniversary.

Second, really, how do you guys live without a king sized bed?

Third, I have been the same about pine nuts lately. If I have too many it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

And last, I remember crashing your honeymoon suite with Bonnie. I’m sure you guys loved that visit.

Steph said...

Aaawww. So stinkin sweet. You are more sentimental than you think. Happy Anniversary!!

Jennifer said...

What a surpringly sweet evening for you guys. We JUST went to the San Pedro Bistro and were going to share the crab cakes until we learned that it was crab cake (not plural). For $12.
Happy early anniversary, GVZs!