Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Norah's First Thanksgiving

Norah was very thankful to get to spend her very first Thanksgiving with mom, dad, Grandma Geri and Aunt Vanessa. Here she is in her very special party dress (courtesy of Auntie K):

Since we will be in Austin for Christmas this was also our chance to celebrate the Christmas holiday with the VZ's. Here is Norah getting to open her very first gift. She was into it. Into eating it, that is.

After Norah snacked on some wrapping paper, it was time for dinner. Vanessa knocked herself out making a spectacular turkey dinner with all the fixings.

Three generations of VZ's...

Norah wore her turkey bib (thanks Grammy), but all she got for dinner was breastmilk (it's tough being a baby).

The next day she got to open the rest of her presents. This time she did some gnawing on a box or two...

She got a bunch of great toys from Grandma and a scary stuffed Lemur from Aunt Vanessa.

She also got a book about a creepy, yet awesome, bunny named Gaspard.

We then went golfing (thankfully, no one got conked in the head by any stray golf balls), with Norah tucked safely away in the Ergo carrier. After golf she got to do her very favorite thing--pick lemons.

We had cocktail hour on Grandma's veranda.

Aunt Vanessa proved to be the perfect wrestling partner for Norah, and best thing of all--she wears her hair down! This allowed Norah to grab handful after handful, and Aunt Vanessa gave her the perfect wrestling name: Norah 'Storkbite' VZ.

Hanging out is so exhausting and can only be cured by watching football with dad.

It was a great holiday and we are very thankful Grandma and Aunt Vanessa made it so special for our girl.

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