Wednesday, December 10, 2008

#25 Buy at least 5 gifts for an Angel Tree this Christmas

On Monday, Norah and I went to the mall (ugh, the mall) to buy our gifts for the Angel Tree. Last year I was very dismayed to see that the Angel Tree in this particular mall wasn't out in the open where people could actually SEE it, but rather stuffed in the corner of the information office. Sort of defeats the purpose, if you ask me.

So, we cruised into the information office and asked about the tree only to be told that 'due to lack of interest' the mall was not doing an Angel Tree this year. They were completely unfazed by my opinion that interest would go way up if people shopping knew that the tree even existed. Whatever. There was, however, a Toys for Tots kiosk and I chatted a bit with the officer manning the booth. He said he could tell a marked difference in this year versus previous years (the bad economy and all), and donations were way down. Norah picked out a whole bunch of cute stuffed monkeys that had warm blankets attached to them. A toy and something practical at the same time.

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