Friday, December 12, 2008

More Food

I was convinced that the avocado Norah ate a few weeks ago was the cause of her recent, more extreme sleep disturbances. Both the pediatrician and my lactation consultant say I am making that up in order to feel better about the fact that she doesn't sleep (more on that sleep thing in a later post). So, we bit the bullet and had a little rice cereal this morning. I tasted it and it's pretty disgusting.

Norah was moderately into it. But, in true Norah fashion she didn't want me to feed her, she wanted to feed herself. We went with it, but that meant very little cereal made it into her mouth. We'll get there.

Look how much hair she has! It is FINALLY growing back. When she was born it was so dark and what is growing back now is so much lighter. Almost blonde. Nothing against the blondies, but as the dark haired sister in a family of nothing but blondes, I was hoping Norah would follow in my foot steps. We were at Peet's Coffee the other day and some lady said, 'oh look she's such a pretty redhead.' Here's hoping!


Sarita said...

May I remind you of how blonde YOU were when you were little? You didn't blossom into a brunette until much later in life!

Maryellen said...

How does one become a lactation consultant?

Ave said...

Norah is way too friggin' cute!