Monday, December 15, 2008

Moon Walker

Norah is on the move. She can now successfully scoot herself across the floor...backwards. BVZ calls it her moon walking. She hasn't figured out forward motion just yet, but she's got going backwards and in circles down pat. She only stops long enough to stick plastic rings in her pie hole.

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Button said...

norah's push ups are impressive. she's working on proper crawling posture and everyone knows link-a-dos make a delightful snack.

griffin crawls on his belly like a WWI doughboy in the trenches. at first we worried he wasn't learning "cross-patterning," and would wind up dyslexic, diabetic and bald. later we realized that perhaps it was an adaptation and if he was a tiny revolutionary and took part in the baby uprising, his belly crawl would keep him out of the crossfire. or perhaps i have been watching too many ken burns documentaries...