Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wrestlemania 2008

Today we visited sweet baby Lilah and her parents, Sam and Ave up in SF. Norah was on her best behavior at first and even let Sam hold her for like 15 minutes. Once she caught sight of Lilah, however, all bets were off and all she wanted to do was wrestle with her. But, alas, Lilah is only 7 weeks old and thus not yet ready for a throw down.

We had a lovely afternoon (and lunch!) and chatted about boobs and poop and the fact that even though our babies didn't actually grow in our asses, said asses now require pants 3 sizes bigger (although for Ave this means size 6. Try not to hate her, she's really very nice).

Lilah is a milk drinking champion and has a lovely and contented drunk baby face here:

Norah is thinking about her attack:

If she couldn't wrestle she was at least going to lick:

She is not happy to learn she will not be allowed to manhandle little Lilah. Maybe next time.


Ave said...

I love the photo essay. Come back soon!

Maryellen said...

I want to meet Norah so badly!!!

on the verge said...

Thatta niecey, Norah! Soon, you'll be woopin' ass like a champ. I'll show you some moves over T-giving that'll really come in handy when you meet up with your cousins over Xmas. Time to represent Cali old school style, a woot-woot!

Button said...

Griffin wants in on the playdate! He says he can wrestle Norah AND Lilah, while eating puffs. I think he's just being a braggart, you know how almost-one-year olds are. Email me your real address, would you. I'd like to send you an evite to GDawg's BDay. I know we've never met, but I feel like Norah's our cousin. Ahh the blogosphere! bigbadbutton@yahoo