Monday, November 10, 2008

The Exersaucer

We recently introduced Norah to the Exersaucer, and all I have to say is, where have you been my whole life, sweet, sweet Exersaucer? It is a contraption that Norah sits in the middle of and entertains herself with a variety of different toys. According to BVZ she 'plays exersaucer' currently at an 8 month level because she can already push the button that makes the lion roar (I am not sure where he gets these developmental milestones, but we go with them). My favorite is when she gets a little tired she starts to sway back and forth and grabs on to the dragon to steady herself. But she can't help trying to eat the dragon. That's just how it goes with dragons.


Wyatt & Co. said...

Doesn't it bring you joy that something you love so much, she also loves? A win-win the exersaucer.

Button said...

When I was seven months pregnant, a friend handed me this enormous hunka purple plastic covered in bells and whistles and swore I would one day thank him. I thought he was crazy, but I put the damn thing in my garage. I had no idea I would one day credit the exersaucer for hours of grad school work, house work and general mom time. Those things are awesome! Just pass it on so you don't leave a huge purple carbon footprint. I'm pretty sure Griffin's grandchildren will be able to use ours.

on the verge said...

I wish they made a grown up version.