Monday, November 03, 2008


One of the reasons we were so drawn to the name Norah was because it doesn't really lend itself well to nicknames. I like the idea of calling the kid by her actual name. That being said, I think I have probably called her 'Norah' only a handful of times since she has been born. Instead, she is commonly referred to as:

-Norah Bear
-Norah Borah
-Norah Porah Puddin' and Pie

BVZ calls her 'Shorty'.

(*Pic is of no real relation to the post, I just thought it was cute.*)


on the verge said...

I'm liking Norah-Borealis.

Ave said...

Yall are much nicer parents than we are - one of Lilah's nicknames is Little Stupid.