Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You, Global Warming

We have bought very few clothes for Norah, as most of her fashion stash is a result of very generous gift giving. But, too often a baby receives an outfit that is the wrong size for that particular season. Take Norah's frock she has on today. It is a 6 month size, but a summer/early fall ensemble. She just now fits into it, and it is almost mid-November. Normally, this would mean she wouldn't get any wear out of it at all, but global warming has made this fall nice and temperate (polar ice caps be damned!). The penguins might be dying, but doesn't our girl look dashing?

BVZ commented that she looked 'different' this morning and I realized it was because the girl lives in onesies and stretchy pants. I don't think we'll be trying to 'girl her up' too much anytime soon. She already wears a lot of pink, and I figure that's good enough.

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on the verge said...

I wouldn't worry about her getting too girly -- 1 in every 4 photos I see I swear I notice a mohawk a-forming on her noggin.