Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holy Crap, She Did It!

So, before Norah was born I swore I wouldn't be one of 'those' parents. You know, the kind that go nuts for every new thing their kid does. I mean developmental milestones are cool and all, but the world doesn't care about my kid's first poopy diaper or the first time she figures out how to cram her hand in her mouth. Until now! After weeks of waiting with the camera for Norah to roll over from her back to her front (she has been teasing me relentlessly--she throws her legs in the air, turns to the side, and then... nothing), I have become one of 'those' parents, because I caught it on tape and you must all now watch it!

Seriously, I don't think I could be more proud if she had cured cancer.

Another such moment happened last night, and I am actually really disappointed not to have caught it on film. Norah demands our full attention at all times, even when we're eating dinner. She has to be sitting in someone's (okay, my) lap. But lately she has desperately trying to sit up, and so she will pitch herself forward not realizing that her back muscles aren't quite strong enough. If you aren't careful, she will go flying (BVZ calls it the suicide move). She did such a move as we were eating last night and she face planted right in the middle of my plate of tortellini. At first I was panicked because I thought she had hurt her face. I would have grabbed the camera at that point, but she started frantically licking the artichoke pesto off of her face and hands and I figured her digestive track might not be able to handle olive oil just yet.

Stay tuned because she is just getting started.


Button said...

I'm glad to see other babies have been inspired by the recent election to get moving with their developmental milestones. Griffin started walking the day after the election and he's been a much happier person since. Norah's got mad skillz.

Anonymous said...

Your gasp is priceless. Way to go N!! - kristin