Saturday, November 22, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

Since things are a little Norah-centric these days, I thought I would spice it up by making it more about me, me, ME. I came across a concept that was all the rage last year, and while I found it to be very appealing at the time, I just could never get around to it. Well, there is no time like the present! It is 101 things in 1001 days. The concept is simple: come up with a list of 101 things you want to do and then give yourself 1001 days (almost 3 years) to get them done. I sat down this afternoon to try and make such a list and to my surprise it only took about a half hour. I guess I have a lot of stuff to try. So, I am gettin' to it. The following is my list. As I cross stuff off I will come back and update here. For those of you just here to see pictures of the world's cutest baby, feel free to disregard.

Things I will accomplish from November 21, 2008, to August 19, 2011:
  1. plant a vegetable garden with Norah
  2. take a dance class
  3. dye my hair red
  4. organize my cooking magazines
  5. forgo any kind of artificial sweetner for a month
  6. grow my fingernails out long enough for a manicure
  7. knit something for Norah
  8. lose 40 lbs
  9. watch every movie on AFI's Top 100 list
  10. run in a 5K
  11. write a will
  12. go salsa dancing
  13. take Norah to Europe
  14. clean out the garage
  15. drink Don Perignon
  16. visit the California Academy of Sciences
  17. hike from Muir Woods to Stinson Beach
  18. take Norah camping
  19. see the bats under the Capitol Street Bridge in Austin
  20. show Norah the Suez house in El Paso
  21. bake a perfect souffle
  22. buy designer jeans
  23. take a painting class
  24. volunteer with an Innocence Project
  25. buy at least 5 gifts for an Angel Tree this Christmas
  26. attend a political rally
  27. donate money to a political cause
  28. teach Norah to swim
  29. make Norah a family tree
  30. take Norah to New York City
  31. take a ceramics class
  32. get bangs
  33. fly a kite
  34. make an earthquake/disaster kit for the house
  35. read a book of poetry
  36. take Norah on a train
  37. eat vegan for a week
  38. go on a bike ride with Norah and BVZ
  39. go to a book reading
  40. make all of Norah’s baby food (except for finger food and ones with too many nitrates) until her first birthday
  41. take the same yoga class more than once
  42. volunteer at a soup kitchen on a major holiday
  43. read Kristin’s dissertation
  44. learn how to meditate
  45. get Norah her own library card
  46. buy life insurance
  47. take a nap in a hammock
  48. get new bookshelves for the family room
  49. babyproof the house
  50. read all Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction from 1998-2008
  51. learn how to change a tire
  52. see the Academy Award winners for Best Documentary from 1998-2008
  53. get rid of our videotape collection
  54. take a music class with Norah
  55. back-up our computer files
  56. swim in the ocean with Norah
  57. finish a New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle
  58. take a ferry from San Francisco to Tiburon or Sausalito
  59. get a couple’s massage with BVZ
  60. change all light bulbs in the house to energy efficient ones
  61. take Norah on a road trip
  62. eat at French Laundry
  63. eat at Chez Panisse
  64. organize my spice rack
  65. go for a mole check at the dermatologist
  66. breastfeed Norah until she’s at least 9 months
  67. take a vacation with just the sisters
  68. take a CPR class
  69. get professional family pictures taken
  70. make homemade chicken stock
  71. put all my pictures of Megan and Trevor into albums
  72. get my wedding dress cleaned and preserved
  73. donate any clothing I haven’t worn for a year
  74. replace the family room curtains (and keep the new ones away from Loretta)
  75. get Norah every Shel Silverstein book
  76. become a member of a wine club
  77. figure out a way to stop paying so damn much for cable
  78. phase out all of our plastic kitchenware by 2010.
  79. buy a piece of real art
  80. watch all the ‘Friday the 13th’ movies
  81. leave Norah overnight with my mom (or other family member)
  82. cancel every catalog we get in the mail
  83. start and maintain for at least 6 months a window herb garden
  84. make Beef Wellington
  85. try liquid eyeliner
  86. teach Norah to put herself to sleep
  87. pay the bridge toll for the car behind me
  88. walk across the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge
  89. have a fondue dinner party
  90. take an Indian or Thai cooking class
  91. go to a spin class
  92. go to a museum by myself
  93. go to a drive-in movie theater
  94. take Norah on a hike in Tucson
  95. get a tattoo
  96. develop my own sangria recipe
  97. bake a red velvet cake
  98. donate $500 to a women’s shelter
  99. tell BVZ every day for 1001 days that I appreciate him
  100. let BVZ take me on a hike of his choice
  101. take a walking tour of San Francisco


Maryellen said...

I love your list. That's such a great idea!

Ave said...

Whenever you want to go to the Academy of Sciences, let me know. I have a membership - so we can all go for free.

Sarita said...

If you would move here, do you realize how many of these things I would DIE to do with you????

JM said...'s Congress Avenue Bridge, not 'Capital Street'...

Colleen said...

What a great idea!

My advice for #62 (having crossed that one off my own list a couple of years ago) ... make your reservation on and go for lunch – the price is the same but you have all evening to process all the food and reservations are easier to come by!