Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Sleep Monster

Once Norah learned the difference between night and day (at about 3 weeks), she has been a really good sleeper. She is up once during the night to eat, but otherwise is down for the count. That is, as long as she is sleeping in mom and dad's bed. When she was first born she was so restless that the only way we could get her to sleep was to cuddle with her and let her sleep between us (that whole babies react to your heartbeat thing). We thought we would let her get to three months and then transition her to the crib. The transition started Sunday night and to say it isn't going well is an understatement. Both Sunday and Monday night she was up every hour from midnight to about 5 am, when I relented and let her back in the bed. Tuesday night we tried putting her in her pack and play in our room, with the same results. Last night we were all so exhausted I just put her to sleep in the bed thinking we all needed a night off. She slept so well that she was up at 2 am ready to play. Seriously, Norah? I think she finally drifted off about 5 am and now is napping one off (see above).

We're going to a sleep training seminar next week. Wish us all luck. We're going to need it.


Wyatt & Co. said...

Good luck indeed. I have been to hell and its name was sleep training. Maybe the seminar will give you secrets for avoiding that agony.

Button said...

Hi, I'm Ave's BFF and Griffin's mama and we had a similar situation. G Dawg slept in bed with me until about 3 1/2 months, then we put him in a co-sleeper (where he still had access to mama.) After two months with the co-sleeper attached to the bed, we began inching the co-sleeper down the hall. He slept in the co-sleeper bassinet in his room for another month until we bought his Big Guy Crib and now he's installed in his own space. We used the gradual method and it worked for us. Now he's teething, though, so we're back to square one. Isn't it a blast? Really, it is. :)