Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FOUR months old!

I know people say this all of the time, but seriously, where does the time go?? Maybe it's because I haven't slept in well over four months, but it just doesn't seem possible that she's already this big. She had her doctor's appointment this morning and is 14 lbs, 10 ozs (73%), 25 1/4 inches (85%), and her head circumference is 41.8 (74%). Although her weight it still in the high percentiles, it has really slowed down (remember, she was over 9 lbs at birth). Her doctor isn't concerned at all though and thinks maybe this is just her metabolism. I like to think she will be tall and thin like a VZ, instead of average height and, ahem, 'busty' like a G. Either way, she's doing great.

She continues to change every single day. She finally rolled over from her front to her back, although she's only done it a few times so I still make her practice. She grabs at things with great gusto now (mostly to put them in her mouth), but is showing preference for different toys at different times. She loves looking in the mirror, even though she hasn't figured out it is herself that she's looking at. She looooooves all the other babies at our weekly parent group and will stare at them for hours (she is more than happy to stick her hands in their little mouthes, but I usually catch her in time). She talks to us all the time and has started full on laughing. She cracks herself up and when we laugh at her laughing, it makes her hysterical. It might be the greatest sound on the planet.

She still loves bath time and kicks her feet throughout the whole thing. We may have to move bath time to the grown up tub soon because by the end of it, the kitchen and I are both soaking wet. She has started responding really well to reading books with mom. She gets very quiet and snuggly. I think 'Runaway Bunny', 'The Grouchy Ladybug', and the story about the mouse and the strawberry (I forget its title) are her current favorites. She doesn't care too much for 'Goodnight Moon', but I think it's just because she prefers to be a little more unconventional. She still won't sleep in her crib, but will hang out in there for about 15 minutes as long as her aquarium is on. She loves music and hates wearing socks. She likes to lay on a blanket in the backyard and look at the trees. Her bunny Beatrice is her current lovey of choice and I think she has finally out grown the fear of the car seat. Car trips have become almost pleasant.

She loves spending the mornings with her dad and sleeps much better when he is home (I am convinced she tries to wait up for him). She looks at pictures of her grammy, grandma, grandpa, and all the aunties, uncles, and cousins every day. Her thick dark hair is falling out and is being replaced by finer, lighter hair. It looks almost strawberry blonde, so she might be our little red head after all. I swear she knows her name and looks at me when I call for her. She is absolute joy to be around and if only she would sleep she would be the world's most perfect baby. They would even try to clone her.

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on the verge said...

How cool is it that even at 4 months laughter is contagious and best when shared? It truly is the best medicine. Also, I thought I saw red hair in the prior photos! I'm pulling for a red-headed Norah! Keep feeding her beets and carrots!