Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Girl and Her Dad

It is no secret that Norah is Dad's girl. BVZ adores her and the feeling is mutual. One of her favorite things to do is hang out propped up on the bed and 'talk' to him while he gets ready for work in the morning.

Now, BVZ has been working a ton (as evident from my non-stop complaining about it), which has severely cut into his Norah hanging out time. Even worse, he has been hit with the insomnia bug (you know how it is, when you work so much and never decompress and then try to go to's a lost cause). Anyway, the other night at about 2 am, Norah woke up soaking wet and so BVZ jumped up and offered to change her. I dozed off and awoke with a start about 45 minutes later because they were both still gone. I ran into the nursery to find them having a grand 'ole time. He was then sufficiently tired, but she was WIDE AWAKE for the next 2 hours. I could have killed him.

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Wyatt & Co. said...

Sweet. Who knew BVZ was such a softie? Ross used to have early a.m. bonding with Wy, too. Apparently, they smile A LOT for the sucker parent who says screw sleep training, let's party! Ahwoooo.

Norah looks darling in her new big girl clothes. Love the second shot.