Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Showers and Sophie the $24 Giraffe

Norah has always been fairly tolerant of my daily shower. She likes the sound of running water, so I stick her in the bouncey chair, give her a rattle or two, and let her chill out for a bit. Up until a few weeks ago if she should happen to drop her toy she was unfazed and would instead sit there and stare at the wall, or the light switch, or the toilet, or whatever. Well, now she is so smart and observant that when she drops (or throws) her toy she gets pissed. And yells until I lean out of the shower and pick it up for her. This happens on average 17 times during my 6 minute shower. Her latest toy of choice is Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie has quite the backstory.

I go to a weekly new parent group at a store/resource center that is, at its most simplistic, a yuppie heaven on earth. It is full of designer nursing bras, expensive toys, and $48 onesies. I am of the school of thought that onesies get peed on, puked on, and poo'ed on, and the kid will outgrow it in about a week. A onesie should cost no more than $1.99. But this place has $48 onesies. So, it's that kind of place. Anyway, a month or so ago, several of the women were raving about this baby toy called Sophie the Giraffe. Apparently it is as non-toxic as it gets, and the top award winner in the baby toy olympics. It looked like a puppy chew toy to me, but I figured there had to be something great about it if every single one of them thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. The print on the packaging is in French as well as English and lists all of the 9,000 awards this toy has won. It is also $24. A $24 puppy chew toy! I resolved to never take part in the Sophie the Giraffe craze then and there. But, a few days later Norah's sucking on her hands started to get annoying and out of control, so I figured she needed something non-toxic to chew on. I was also feeling sorry for us with BVZ being out of town, so I bought Sophie for Norah and a new lipgloss for me (I live on the edge, I know). We took it home, I washed it off and Norah promptly stuck the leg in her mouth, gagged herself, and puked all over the couch. I was so pissed I actually tried to take it back. But, apparently the yuppie heaven on earth doesn't take back chew toys that have been slobbered and puked on. Sophie got thrown on a bookshelf until yesterday when I decided we should try it out again. Success and I think Norah has a new favorite thing to throw on the floor when I shower.


on the verge said...

That's hilarious! Baby chew toy. I love it.

Button said...

I've heard about Sophie Le Hoity-Toity Giraffe (and seen it at our swanky East Bay baby stores) and wondered if we needed one for G. Now he's all old and doesn't like anything unless it's expensive and easily damaged (cells, ipods, keyfobs.) I'm glad Lady N likes hers- after a rocky start to their relationship.