Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sushi Dinner

Norah is really, really into the Yoko books by Rosemary Wells. Yoko is a Japanese kitty living (presumably) in America. In one book, Yoko disobeys her mom and takes her special 'Girl's Day' doll to school for show and tell and the doll gets ruined. In another, all the kids in her class make fun of the way Yoko reads and writes (in Japanese), but they end up all wanting to learn how to write their own names. In yet another, the kids make fun of Yoko's sushi lunch. As a result, Norah has become mildly obsessed with eating sushi.

Now, this recent development is BVZ's dream come true. He loves sushi. I mean, loooooves sushi. He would eat it every single day if he could. Unfortunately he happened to marry someone who definitely does NOT love sushi. By this point I can confidently say I have tried it enough times to know I really, really don't like it. I want to like sushi. I think it's beautiful, I think it's healthy, I think I like the smugness that comes along with eating sushi. However, I just can't get past the texture. Oh, and the taste. Now, some rolls I can do as long as the seaweed is kept somewhat to a minimum. I hate seaweed. It tastes like the ocean. And snot.

Anyway, we had a super fun day today at Caleb's birthday party, but we were wiped and had no interest in cooking anything. There is a cute Japanese place that's about a 5 minute walk from our house, so I suggested it for dinner and BVZ and Norah were both thrilled.

Of course, we started with edamame, which is something Norah has had about 900 times in her life. Sometimes she loves it and can't get enough, other times she's just so-so. Tonight she couldn't get enough. I think she ate the entire dish on her own.

Lou conked out during the walk and stayed this way until about 5 minutes before we were done. He's such a good baby.

I got an order of veggie pot stickers just in case she hated everything else. She insisted on using her chopsticks and was surprisingly agile with them. She's left handed, by the way.

Next we ordered her a California roll because she loves crab and avocado. She was into the rice and filling, but not so into the seaweed. I don't blame her. It's too chewy and tastes like snot. She asked me to take the seaweed off and so I mangled the roll but then she scarfed it up.

The big hit of the night though was the variety of sashimi that BVZ ordered. Girlfriend couldn't get enough of it. She ate a TON-salmon, tuna, yellowtail, you name it. I was impressed and BVZ has a new dinner date.

Dessert was mochi ice cream (ice cream with a kind of 'shell' made from some kind of sticky rice. To me it tastes like ice cream in peach fuzz. I love it). I tried to convince Norah to get chocolate or vanilla but she insisted on green tea flavor. I thought she wouldn't like it (I love it but it isn't very sweet), but she pretty much licked the bowl clean.

I was very proud of her for being so adventurous.


Isabelle Baeck said...

Awesome! She's just a super connoisseur, not a picky eater!

Jennifer said...

Very impressive. BVZ's prayers have been answered! I'll bet Louis will like it too.

aileen said...

WOW! I looove sushi too. Way to go N!

Maryellen said...

She was way into eating the sushi. She didn't look up at the camera once!!

Maryellen said...

I was wrong. She did look up but it looks like she was just taking a break.

Sarita said...

It's actually really fun to have a kid that likes sushi... Brittany fell in love with it about 12 years old and it's one of our favorite things to do as a family now a days. :) Kudos to you for taking her!

Jennifer said...

Could Norah please have a talk with her super duper picky cousin? Eliza is a big supporter of the traditional kid diet . . . chicken nuggets, corn dogs and fish sticks.

Wow - I am a little jealous of BVZ - I LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi and I have trouble finding people to eat it with me.

She looks so precious in those pictures. I am glad BVZ gained a sushi buddy.