Sunday, July 03, 2011

First Taste

At Louis' well baby check his pediatrician asked when we planned to start trying solids. We didn't start with Norah until 6 months and I had anticipated doing the same with Lou. She said that there was some new research that indicated it was better to start sooner rather than later (the idea is that the longer you delay introduction to foods the greater the chance the kid will develop an allergy). She said that the new standard is for them to recommend starting any time after 4 months, but no later than 6 months. She also thought introducing some cereal or oatmeal might help with the barfing.

Rice cereal really has no nutritional value other than iron, so we do baby oatmeal instead. Mixed with a little formula and he was very, very interested. (Bubby helped so I could take pics.)

I am not sure he is quite ready for the Stokke chair, so until he is just a little bit stronger the bumbo will do.

Norah insisted on taking a turn as well and jammed the spoon in his mouth.

He's gotten about a tablespoon of oatmeal every day and gobbles it up. He opens his mouth up like a little bird and practically pants for it. We are still taking it very slow and will probably try some avocado in a few weeks. Although he did have a taste of Norah's popsicle today when I wasn't looking, so his digestive system is probably ready for it.

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Tucker said...

I love Lou's baby mohawk!