Thursday, July 28, 2011

Building a Bear

Last week Norah and Ruby got to go and build a bear. It's not something I ever would have done alone. Some things are just better with a BFF.

First, they got to choose a body. I tried very hard to pick the cute bears but Norah insisted upon choosing an ugly blue one. Whatever.

Ruby picked a cute one.

Second stop was the filling station.

The girls got to pick a little heart and put it in their bear. Then it got sewed up.

After the bears were stuffed and hearted, they got cleaned and fluffed (ie, stuck under a very loud dryer).

Next step was clothes. I was dumbfounded by the options. They literally had every outfit you could imagine, from sports jerseys, to uniforms, to disco outfits. Of course these two made a beeline straight for the princess-ware.

Princess Aurora and Princess Rapunzel.

Everything is better when done with a friend.


Maryellen said...

How sweet! Norah's bear got cuter in the princess wear.

Tucker said...

Ha! I like the bear dryer