Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching Up

Quick iphone picture dump....

We finally made it up to Sonoma last week to meet the twin babies of our good friends Karyl and Issac. James and Helyn are perfect, adorable, sweet babies. At three months old they are both so mellow and even tempered, and cute, cute, cute. Of course, I managed to not take a single picture of both of them together. I did get this funny shot of Louis and James hanging out in the pack-n-play.

Norah is really into fudgesicles these days. I am too.

Lou has now tried oatmeal, avocado, and as of this morning, butternut squash. He really likes food, but I don't think he totally gets the concept yet. He opens wide and tries to gobble food down, but his tongue and brain don't quite connect and he ends up pushing the majority of the bite out. He seems to be into the flavor, but I think we may take a break and try again in a few weeks. I made a big batch of butternut squash this morning, but I will just freeze it for later.

The library is still our favorite Thursday afternoon destination. These statutes are outside. Norah calls them her children. She told me to take her picture with them and send it to Pamma.

Lou is cute.

They both are.

Lou has discovered his tongue and feet. He often tries to lick his feet, but isn't very successful.

Ever since watching Alice in Wonderland, Norah is really into tea parties in the hallway.

Louis is a GREAT sleeper. When he's swaddled. Unfortunately, he has recently learned some kung fu moves and doesn't stay in a swaddle for very long. We have those swaddles that velcro around (I can never remember the brand name), and the other night I woke up to find that he had gotten his arms out but one of the velcros was still fastened, and he was basically strangling himself with it. No good. We tried to go cold turkey on the swaddle, but that ended up in a sleepless night for everyone. So, like I usually do, I turned to my good friend the internet for advice and found this:

Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. The concept is pretty simple...the material is some kind of microfiber and weighs down the baby so that he doesn't engage his startle reflex or thrash his arms and legs around. It's warm and comfy. He pretty much looks like that kid from The Christmas Story or Maggie from the Simpsons wearing her star snowsuit. All I care about is that it works. And it does!


Maryellen said...

Lou does look pretty awesome in his magic sleep suit!

Natalie said...

Magic sleep suit? ANOTHER great idea I have from you. Thanks!