Monday, July 18, 2011

In Her Own Words

I found on some random blog the other day a series of questions to ask your kid every year around their birthday. I asked Norah the following and wrote down her responses verbatim [anything in brackets is my own commentary]:

How old are you? I am THREE! Is it my birthday again. I am still three for how many days?

What is your favorite food? Sushi and chicken [I call BS on that one] and tortellini.

What is your favorite toy? Fairies from my cousins, Cootie game, movies, and my special Yoko book. And my kitchen [again, not accurate but she just happened to be looking at it, I think.] My playhouse and I really like my paints.

Who is your best friend? Ruby and Ava and Caroline and Caleb, but he's a boy. Kevin and Lucas and Louie are only brothers. Carmela [from school, I actually don't know that she really likes her that much], Iridessa [a fairy], Allie [her "pretend" friend] and maybe Bubby.

What is your favorite song? ABC song and Gulp, Gulp, Gulp [a song from school]. Daddy likes a song about a house [some Tom Waits song that BVZ sings her at bedtime]. Beauty and the Beast in Pamma's car [Pamma would play the soundtrack to BATB when driving her home].

What is your favorite TV show? World Word, Calliou.

What is your favorite movie? The cat movie [The Aristocats]. No, the Rapunzel movie [Tangled]. Maybe the fairy movie my cousins gave me, but maybe the fairy movie from the library too. I really, really, REALLY like Sword and the Stone.

What is your favorite treat? A cookie and maybe a cake pop. But no Bear Cookies [she will never forgive me for getting her a not-so-tasty cookie shaped like a bear once].

What is your favorite thing to do? Play, play, play with my friends. Go to the beach. Can my friends go to the beach with me? But I DON'T get in the water. Have a kajama movie party.


k-dog studios said...

what a great idea! btw...maybe she meant to say "chicken quesadillas"

Natalie said...

Yet another idea that I will be stealing from you, starting with Spencer's 4th.

aileen said...

Love this idea! I'm definitely going to copy!

Tucker said...

I love it!

Maryellen said...

You can tell by her answers that Norah is a very, very happy little girl!