Monday, June 21, 2010

Lest I Forget

Let's face it, this is Norah's baby book (there is an actual book somewhere that I think contains one ultrasound picture-nothing else), so I figured there is no better place to document the little stuff I want to remember.

Whenever she falls, bonks, or otherwise injures herself she yells, 'Don't worry Mommy, Nanor is O-KAY!'

She is speeding towards potty training much faster than we are (ugh, diapers are so convenient! What do you do at the park with the nasty toilets when they have to go????). Before her bath every night she strips off her clothes, pulls of her diaper, announces, 'NANOR IS NAKED!' and then tears through the house. She does a couple of laps, runs into the bathroom, sits on the potty and continues to yell, 'NANOR IS PEEING.' She takes the reservoir out, dumps the pee in the big toilet and then climbs up on her stool to rinse it out in the sink. I am only so-so with being okay that she rinses it in the sink-I am just glad she has yet to poop in her potty....

When she does something like a puzzle by herself she claps her hands and says, 'Mommy, please look!'

When we are putting her pajamas on she picks the number of books to read before bed. Usually it is 5, sometimes 3. She then selects the correct number of books, always a different group. After the books are read she will sigh and say, 'Nanor sad, but no more!'

This morning she was hugging on Bear and I said, 'Norah, you give Bear the best hugs. I wish I got a hug like Bear.' She patted me on the arm and said, 'Mommy is big, Bear is little.' Then she laughed and gave me a huge hug.

She has started doing some imaginative play. She had her little dinosaur out the other day and she was having him 'march in trees and go on the swing.'

If you ask her what music she wants to listen to she will say 'Lady Gaga' or 'Cash.'

I thought of at least 10 more today and now they escape me. Ugh.


Natalie said...

What a great list. I have and actually keep a baby book, but it doesn't have little gems like this.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend getting a special toilet seat from Home Depot. The smaller kids toilet seat sits in the lid and pulls down when needed and then goes back up when adults use the toilet. It is so much less disgusting than the potty.

Also, I have a boy so I have been known to let him pee on a bush at the park when no one is around and there are no bathrooms.

k-dog studios said...

such precious memories. so glad you captured them on paper (well virtual paper I guess, like the virtual baby book)

aileen said...

Great post J! It made me tear up :)

Maryellen said...

I love that this is Norah's baby book because I get to read it and I LOVE reading it. You have an amazing daughter. I'm stealing one of her lines though. Tonight when we're getting ready for bed I'm going to announce my nakedness.

on the verge said...

Oh my god that is so cute. She wasn't forming complete sentences last time I was there! She is genius! Such exquisite commentary she provides. Wow. Must make effort to visit more ... bad absent Auntie V, bad Auntie V ...