Monday, December 15, 2014

Mini Halloween Party

I love Halloween and I love having Halloween parties.  I like to have big ones with lots of fun food and booze at two in the afternoon.  This year we just were not up to it, so instead I had a Halloween playdate for the girls in Norah's class.  I got a lot of satisfaction from doing something on a very small scale which does not bode well for next year.  

The playdate was after lunch and before dinner, so I just did snacks rather than a full meal.  We had caramel apple bites, mandarin oranges, banana ghosts, candy corn popcorn, and pirates booty.

Norah dressed up as a candy corn witch and her friend A was her kitty cat.

Louie is dressed as the villainous Doctor Octopus.  Doc Ock in a Batman costume.

The girls played games and decorated Halloween cookies.

Kid decorated cookies are so gross.

My favorite part was that before the party Norah drew several Halloween type characters and then taped it to the wall.  She asked her friends to vote on their favorite (with a pencil she taped to the wall).  I am not sure what she did with the winning one, but it was cute.

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